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What does Formatif do?

Most used features

Formatif's frequently used tools for teaching and learning

Progress tracking

Tracks student progress against their target grade, and provides you useful reports to identify at-risk students.

Top-notch feedback tools

Simple written feedback, audio recording, emoji support, images... Formatif supports it all, and your students will enjoy the chat.

Plagiarism detection

Code plagiarism detection, integrated straight into the UI, so you don't need to download, run, and check plagiarism.

SSO integration

SSO integration via SAML2.0, AAF, and more, to seamlessly allow your users to log in without hassle.

Open source

Formatif is open-source. You can deploy Formatif at your institution for free. Let us know if you need a hand.

Audio features

Build a connection with online students with built-in, easy-to-use audio feedback. Faster than typing, and students love it!

Formatif's feedback cycle:

Step 1

Students utilise your learning content such as lectures, videos, and activities, and complete weekly learning tasks which they submit to Formatif.

Step 2

The student's tutor reviews the submission, decides if it meets the task's requirements, and provides formative feedback on the task.

Step 3

If the task is complete, it is included in the student's portfolio which is assessed at the end of the teaching period. If not, the student implements the feedback and tries again!

The student now moves on to the next task!



What can Formatif do for you?

Research-led features to support constructively-aligned education

Exam-free assessment

Maintain academic integrity with consistent experiences for both on-campus and online students with Real Talk.


Focus on the feedback, not the grading, with Formatif's feedback-first, delayed summative assessment model.

Individualised learning

With Formatif's grade-based assessment, students progress through learning tasks suitable for their level.

Easy-to-use app

Formatif is fast, so you have more time to provide feedback to your students.

Transparent progress tracking

With burndown charts, students always know if they're on track to achieve their target grade.

And much more...

Code auto-testing, audio feedback, Jupyter Notebook submission support, and more.

Two assignments and an exam. Teaching and learning hasn't changed much.

Formatif facilitates high-quality, formative feedback at scale. Student-centered education, academic integrity without exams, feedback students wants to receive.

  • 1

    Design your learning tasks

    Design weekly learning tasks which are aligned to target grades.

  • 2

    Formative feedback cycle

    Students submit their tasks, receiving feedback from tutors to help them complete tasks.

  • 3

    Delayed summative assessment

    Formatif compiles student work into a portfolio which is summatively assessed at the end of the teaching period.









Formatif + You

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